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New Wave Aquaria Specials 

🐠Sept. 11 – Sept. 17🐠

New Shipments arrived on Sept 5th and 6th!

*Please note that due to the high demand, the availability may change.


Saltwater Arrivals:

Diamond Goby

Solar Wrasse

Copperband Butterfly

Clown Trigger

White Tail Kole Tang

Banggai Cardinal

Christmas Wrasse

Royal Gramma


Pearly Jawfish

Coral Beauty

Sixline Wrasse

Tiger Goby

Orchid Dottyback

Indigo Dottyback



Gold Lightning Maroon


Orange Ocellaris

Vivid Fancy

True Percula


Black Clarkii


Gold Stripe Maroon


Sunset Mocha



Tiger Sand Conch

Fire Shrimp

Cleaner Shrimp

Harlequin Shrimp

Tiger Tail Cucumber

Blue Leg Hermits

Red Marble Starfish (Reef Safe)

Halloween Hermit Crab

Rock urchin





Kessil Refugium Light

H380 Halo II LED Algae Grow Light

Growing macro algae in your refugium or sump can help reduce nitrate and phosphate levels in your saltwater tank while providing a safe harbor for micro-fauna to thrive.

The Halo II H380 has been specifically designed to emit a spectrum that will allow algae and other plants to grow to their fullest potential by targeting the wavelengths and spectrum required. The H380 does have the ability to change spectrum, that will allow you to fine tune the lighting for the best growth of your specific type of algae. Allowing faster growth will, therefore, allow the algae to remove more nutrients from the water column.

With the different types of Kessil mounting options, like the gooseneck, mounting the H380 is super easy and can mount on almost any sump or in any location.


Innovative Marine Custom Caddy Media Basket SR-120

Add the CustomCaddy Media Basket to your Innovative Marine Nuvo tank to create a custom media basket for filter pads, activated carbon, or GFO. Or create refugium by removing the adjustable shelves and adding a MagnaFuge LED.

CustomCaddy 120 – Fits Nuvo Aquarium SR-60, SR-80 & SR-120


AQUAVITRO Straight Spring Shear 15 cm

Aquavitro® premium surgical stainless steel Straight Spring Shears are ideal for the regular maintenance of aquatic plants, particularly when trimming smaller leaves and stems such as grasses closer to the aquarium bed.

In marine and reef aquaria these work very well in trimming soft coral with ease to maintain shape, spacing or to produce frags. These are particularly helpful in small or nano style systems where larger tools are difficult to utilize and maneuver.


Ancient Decor Vases in different sizes

  • Incredibly realistic decoration enhances your aquarium!
  • Hand-crafted and painted using the highest quality materials
  • Non-toxic – safe for freshwater and saltwater aquariums

Bubble Mist Air stones

Bubble Mist Airstones provide life-sustaining oxygen bubbles to all your aquarium inhabitants, keeping them healthy and happy! These high quality airstones provide effective aeration, while producing a stunning visual display.


Bubble Mist Complete Air Kit


The Underwater Treasures Bubble Mist Complete Air Kit includes just about everything you need to start providing an endless flow of life-sustaining oxygen bubbles to your aquarium inhabitants.


Kit includes:

  • 1 Cylindrical Airstone
  • 1 Plastic “T” Connector
  • 2 Airline Tubing Suction Cups
  • 2 Adjustable Air Flow Control Valves
  • 10′ Spool of Standard Airline Tubing

Bubble Mist Digital Thermometer

  • Displays temperatures in both Fahrenheit & Celsius
  • Gives an accurate and easy-to-read green indicator
  • This Thermometer ranges from 18-34°C & 64-93°F



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