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Three Types of Filtration to Achieve the Perfect Balance

We showed you how to treat & identify algae in our last blog: Aquarium Algae: What will eat it and How to treat it. Now that you’re an algae expert, it’s time to look at your filtration system and possibly identify areas that could be contributing to your algae problem. […]

Aquarium Algae: What Will Eat It & How to Treat

Algae is a naturally occurring process in ALL aquariums.  Balancing algae blooms can be frustrating and defeating at times.  So before you throw in the towel on the hobby, let’s take a closer look at common algaes, how they grow and how to defeat them. It’s time to stop scrubbing […]

Does Size Matter? Tank Size & Water Quality

Tank Size vs. Water Quality Unlike fish, corals and plants don’t usually care about the size of their aquarium. However, the aquarium’s quality of the water is another story. The secret to your aquarium success starts with your water, so it’s imperative to examine your water source. Where does your […]

The Battle of Balance: New Tank Problems & Old Tank Syndrome

Whether your aquarium is a few weeks or a few years old, similar unwanted issues can still pop up. Before we can get into solving the problems (fish loss, coral recession, problematic algae growth, etc.), we need to take a macro look at your aquarium. Most new aquarists come into […]

Exploring the Hawaiian Reefs

Good Morning to All of You! I am writing you today from the tropical waters of Hawaii. I am doing some research of the fish native to this area and am having a great time. Yesterday I snorkeled the reefs off of Hanauma Bay and got to swim with a […]

What’s New at New Wave Aquaria™

Hello All,  This month has been pretty busy at New Wave™.  We have added a new “LPS Lagoon” display to the main floor featuring all the best LPS we have to offer.  I will post pictures of our Acans and Blastos, as the colors are AMAZING!  We have also added […]

**Day Seven** Seven Maintenance Must-Haves: Surface Cleaner

Day Seven: Surface Cleaner  So, we are finishing up on this series focusing on the 7 most important items in your aquarium maintenance bucket.  To close this series, we are discussing the last, but not least, piece to any maintenance bucket: aquarium surface cleaner. As with all the other items […]

**Day Six** Seven Maintenance Must-Haves: Fish Towels

Day Six: Designated “Fish” Towels We are almost done with this series, just two important items left to discuss.  Today we are focusing on towels for your maintenance bucket.  It seems like a silly thing to focus on but towels are too often overlooked and almost ALWAYS needed especially when working […]

**Day Five** Seven Maintenance Must-Haves: The Baster!!

Day Five: The Baster Today I am sharing what I feel to be a maintenance secret.  Over the last 20 years I have been doing aquarium maintenance and very few cleaning products compare to the usefulness of the baster!  Before I discovered the Rio Coral Feeder, I used a plain […]

**Day Four** Seven Maintenance Must-Haves: Refractometer or Hydrometer

Day Four: Refractometer or Hydrometer Today we are talking about saltwater specific tools, the refractometer and hydrometer. So far we have discussed the siphon, algae scraper and algae scrub brushes which are universal tools among the aquarium hobby as a whole.  But, as a Saltwater Specialty Store, I found it […]


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