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Featured Fish Of the week: The Moorish Idol

(Photo Credit: Lemon TYK) This week’s Special Species is the gorgeous and elegant Moorish Idol from Hawaii. Due to possible difficulties of conditioning them to accept frozen and especially dry foods, they’re known as expert-only fish, however, once established and eating well, they are a beautiful addition to the home […]


How to find the perfect match for your fish

🐟💓🐠 How to pair up Banggai Cardinalfish (Photos belong to www.Advanced Aquarist.com) Juvenile cardinalfish are difficult to sex due to their size. The physical characteristics of the adults are visible when they are well fed. Males have two vents that will extend away from the body (as shown in the […]


Featured Fish: Rhomboid Wrasse – Meet the Cirrhilabrus family!

The Cirrhilabrus family is known as the “Fairy Wrasse” family in the hobby.  These wrasses are an active, diurnal species with gorgeous colors and an outgoing attitude. Fairy wrasses are found in the tropical Indo-Pacific area at depths of 10 – 75 feet. The males are larger and more colorful […]


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