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Collectors Corner

Coming soon: Clarion Angel! Holacanthus clarionensis 

Welcome “Clarice,” our newest member of the New Wave Aquaria Fish Family. Clarice is a CAPTIVE BRED Clarion Angelfish bred by Bali Aquarich and her life to date has been highly celebrated. Captive breeding of this beautiful angelfish started in 2013 and there have been selective releases into the trade over the past three years. We are extremely grateful for the opportunity to add her to our family and can’t wait to meet her! Pictures to come as she arrives on Saturday!!!


Zebra Tang – Black Barred Tang – Acanthurus Polyzona

This beautiful tang has very little inforamtion about its care, biology, feeding needs or… anything really.  Its a very rare tang collected off the islands in the Western Indian Ocean.  Males and females look very similar with males showing slight color differences during breeding season.  It is right up there in rarity with the famed Gem Tang. (see below)  We have one of these beauties currently at our store waiting for his forever home in a few months.  New Wave Aquaria has fantastic contacts throughout the aquarium industry and can source all of your high end fish. 

Gem tang – Spotted tang – Zebrasoma Gemmatum

Gem tangs are one of the rarest and saught after tangs in the aquarium hobby.  Limited in wild numbers and not yet captive breed they demand a high price tag.  Beyond the cost actually finding one available in the aquarium hobby is a feat in itself!  We just happen to have one waiting in our display tank with his buddy the Zebra tang, both looking forward to making their trip to their forever home in a few months.


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