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*Day 2* What’s In Your Bucket: 7 Maintenance Must-Haves

Day Two: Algae Scrapers: Hand Held or Magnet

If you missed the post yesterday, we talked about the importance of a Siphon to preform water changes…A MUST HAVE in your aquarium maintenance bucket.  Today, we are going to focus on the infamous ALGAE SCRAPER

No matter how clean you try to keep your aquarium, algae is a natural part of any system.  Generally, keeping algae from becoming unsightly on the surface of your aquarium is part of your daily, weekly or bi-weekly maintenance (every aquarium is different).  There are SO many products to choose from to help remove algae. Some work GREAT and others…well…let’s focus on the GREAT ones.  Listed below are just a few recommended options for all systems we currently have/use at New Wave:

  1. Kent Marine Pro-Scraper II: extendable handle offers lengths from 12-36″ and a variety of scraper options suitable for both GLASS and ACRYLIC aquariums.
  2. Flipper Magnet Scraper: best for GLASS aquariums as the blade side is will scratch acrylic surfaces.
  3. Mag-Float Floating Scraper: good for small aquariums
  4. Algae Free Magnetic Scrapers: amazing for large glass and acrylic aquariums!

We all have different needs and preferences when selecting an algae scraper.  Here at New Wave, we always  have at least one magnetic scraper and one hand-held scraper in every maintenance bucket.

**Magnet Scrapers have come along way, most of them now float so you don’t have to worry about fishing it out off the bottom of the aquarium.  Also, they are GREAT for daily maintenance as you can clean the interior of your aquarium in minutes without having to even get your hands wet!!

**Hand-held scrapers are just as important.  In most systems, the back is not able to be cleaned with a magnet and hand-held scrapers allow you to get those areas and corners that the magnets can’t get to.  Also, hand-held scrapers are like an extension of your arm so you can use it to retrieve snail shells, turn over the sand bed and reach other areas you can’t normally reach.

A QUICK NOTE: when using any tool, make sure it is clean of sand and other debris.  There is nothing more devastating than the permanent SCRATCHES made from a piece of substrate caught in your magnet scraper or a sharp edge in your hand held blade!!!

Happy Scraping!!


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