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**Day Five** Seven Maintenance Must-Haves: The Baster!!

Day Five: The Baster

Today I am sharing what I feel to be a maintenance secret.  Over the last 20 years I have been doing aquarium maintenance and very few cleaning products compare to the usefulness of the baster!  Before I discovered the Rio Coral Feeder, I used a plain kitchen baster.  I prefer the Coral Feeder however because it is manufactured to be used in saltwater and does not breakdown like standard kitchen basters.  This product can be used in so many helpful ways when doing maintenance…here are just a few:

  1. Coral and Fish Target Feeding
  2. Detritus removal off your live rock and sand bed!!!  Basting your rocks will dislodge algae, leftover food and other waste from the smallest crevasses of your rocks!
  3. Excess food removal
  4. Pest removal

We always have a variety of sizes to choose from in stock at the store.  Come in today to have your mind blown!

Happy Bastering!


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