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**Day Four** Seven Maintenance Must-Haves: Refractometer or Hydrometer

Day Four: Refractometer or Hydrometer

Today we are talking about saltwater specific tools, the refractometer and hydrometer. So far we have discussed the siphon, algae scraper and algae scrub brushes which are universal tools among the aquarium hobby as a whole.  But, as a Saltwater Specialty Store, I found it necessary to focus on this essential tool for a proper Maintenance Bucket.

The Hydrometer:  This classic instrument is used to measure the specific gravity, or salt levels in your aquarium water.  Hydrometers are inexpensive and easy to use but can lack the accuracy of a refractometer.

The Refractometer:  This tool accurately measures the absolute salinity (salt level) of your aquarium water.  Although at first sight, the refractometer may look intimidating, it is actually really easy to use.  Prices range from $40.00 + but in our opinion, they are worth their weight in gold!  As most advanced aquarists know, it is especially important to maintain stable salt levels; the refractometer provides you with accuracy and precision.


Happy Measuring!!


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