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**Day Seven** Seven Maintenance Must-Haves: Surface Cleaner

Day Seven: Surface Cleaner 

So, we are finishing up on this series focusing on the 7 most important items in your aquarium maintenance bucket.  To close this series, we are discussing the last, but not least, piece to any maintenance bucket: aquarium surface cleaner.

novus-plastic-clean-shine_largeAs with all the other items we’ve discussed, there are many surface cleaners available in the trade.  Some are for glass and others are for acrylic.  Here at New Wave Aquaria, we use NOVUS Cleaner which works great on all surfaces and is reasonably priced.  I do not ever recommend using common household products like Windex or other cleaners as they are filled with harmful chemicals that can contaminate your aquarium if sprayed in or near it.  Moreover, household glass cleaners can permanently ruin acrylic aquariums so we never use them.  Other common aquarium surface cleaners include:

  • API Safe and Easy Aquarium Cleaner
  • Kent Marine Acrylic and Glass Cleaner

Which ever product you choose, keeping the exterior of your aquarium clean is just as important as the inside.  There is nothing more distracting than excess finger prints, water/salt stains and smudges on the exterior of your show piece.  It is the finishing touches that make the maintenance process complete and ultimately rewarding.

Happy Wiping!!!


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