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**Day Six** Seven Maintenance Must-Haves: Fish Towels

Day Six: Designated “Fish” Towels

We are almost done with this series, just two important items left to discuss.  Today we are focusing on towels for your maintenance bucket.  It seems like a silly thing to focus on but towels are too often overlooked and almost ALWAYS needed especially when working with water.  Old bath and dish towels are great to use but I always recommend that whatever towels you choose, you should designate them for your maintenance use only.  Just this year, I grabbed a towel I thought was safe and wiped down my beautiful display tank not knowing that there was superglue on it.  Needless to say, I got superglue on the acrylic and now I have to buff out the front of my prize display.  I was so unhappy!!Other issues can arise from using stray towels, for example:

fish towels

**Wiping hands with towels with chemicals on it can contaminate your aquarium

**Wiping the exterior of your aquarium with a towel that has sand or other abrasive substances can permanently scratch and damage your      aquarium

**Using your mom’s/wife’s/sister’s good towel on your fish tank can cause family turmoil…

So, learn from us.  Recycle all your old bath and hand towels, or buy new ones, but whatever you do….make them aquarium maintenance ONLY towels.  You can never have too many, especially when the unexpected happens.

Happy wiping!



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