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Exploring the Hawaiian Reefs

Good Morning to All of You!

I am writing you today from the tropical waters of Hawaii. I am doing some research of the fish native to this area and am having a great time. Yesterday I snorkeled the reefs off of Hanauma Bay and got to swim with a variety of Tangs, Triggers, Butterlies and Parrotfish. I also saw tons of Hawaiian Cleaner wrasse, puffers and invertebrates galore! I did see a whale and a sea turtle from the cliffs off the Bay but haven’t gotten to swim with them yet.

Some of the sizes of fish I swam with blew my mind. I have NEVER seen 24″ Naso Tangs or Achilles Tangs the size of dinner plates. Also, the 30″ Parrotfish with its rainbow coloring found my underwater camera very intriguing….oh that beak! (images are not mine.)



Besides the sizes of the fish, I was happily surprised on the preservation efforts Hawaii has enforced to help save our reefs. Before I could snorkel or dive off the shores of Hanauma Bay, I had to watch an informational video on reef safety and preservation. I thought is was GREAT to see that tourists are becoming more informed on the reef inhabitants and the importance of the “NO TOUCH and NO FEEDING” rules that are enforced here. Also, to help save the Sea Turtles native to this beautiful paradise, Hawaii has recently enforced a statewide ban on the use of plastic bags.

Due to Hawaii’s preservation efforts, the beach I visited was pristine, the water was perfect, the corals and fish looked healthy and minimally disturbed by us tourists. I am excited to explore more today and see what other sea inhabitants I can find.

Today, ask yourself what YOU can do to help preserve the natural beauty our oceans have to offer…. Big or small, we can all make an impact!!!


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