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Featured Fish Of the week: The Moorish Idol

(Photo Credit: Lemon TYK)

This week’s Special Species is the gorgeous and elegant Moorish Idol from Hawaii.

Due to possible difficulties of conditioning them to accept frozen and especially dry foods, they’re known as expert-only fish, however, once established and eating well, they are a beautiful addition to the home aquarium. However, they’re reef safe with caution as they might nip at soft, SPS and LPS corals.

Their temperament is very peaceful and there’s nothing more calming and relaxing than the experience of seeing a school of Moorish Idols softly cruising in the aquarium.

To help acclimation, their diet should include sponges and algae on live rocks, later on frozen Mysis, Clam on a half shell and LRS Frenzy Foods.

Want to add this fish to your tank? 

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