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2017 Kids Connect Weekend Workshop
“Fish Breeding 101”
May 6th
*Lunch To Follow*

If you are looking for some Family Fun with an aquarium twist….

JOIN US for our next event, where we will combine educational aquarium topics with lots of FUN, prizes and so much more!

We’re sharing our expert secrets and tips on how we bred Orchid Dottybacks, Harlequin Shrimp, Dwarf Angels and Clownfish


At the event, you’ll learn…

🐠How to aquaculture corals and clams
🐠How breed fish and inverts (Including the Yellow and Blue Hippo Tang breeding projects)
🐠Best foods to maintain a healthy broodstock and raise fry
🐠Best breeders for beginners




Angelfish Pairs, Royal Grammas, Banggai Cardinals, Anthias Trios, Clownfish, Homegrown Frags, Fragging Supplies, Refugium Kits and many more.

There are only a few tickets left, get yours while they’re still available!

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