Deciding on the Perfect Maintenance Plan for You!

Let our team customize an aquarium maintenance program that not only meets YOUR AQUARIUM needs but YOUR BUDGET as well!  To help us pick the perfect plan for you, we will need to a few things about your system.  

Things to Consider When Choosing the Right AQUARIUM for YOU!

Type of Aquarium:

Find a picture of an aquarium that inspires you.  Is it a freshwater, saltwater fish-only or reef aquarium? 

Size of Aquarium:

Smaller aquariums often times require more maintenance than larger ones due the fluctuating water parameters of a smaller volume of water.  So...size does matter!

Location of Aquarium:

The placement of your aquarium is important.  Natural sunlight and drafty windows can cause issues in the long run.



Compatibility is key to the success of your underwater friends.  What is the one fish you MUST HAVE?  

Up Close and Personal:   

Sit Back and Relax!  Enjoy your aquarium without having to do any of the dirty work.

During each visit, an inspection of the aquarium inhabitants, water chemistry and mechanics is conducted to ensure everything is healthy and working properly. Extra time is also allotted after each visit for clientele questions and/or concerns. A typical visit includes the following services:

  • Full inspection of all aquarium inhabitants

  • Full inspection of all equipment and accessories, clean as necessary

  • Full inspection of water quality including temperature, chemistry, and clarity

  • Inspection of food supplies, refill as necessary

  • Removal of algae and/or salt buildup from interior surfaces, decorations, glass canopies and/or lighting fixtures

  • Replacement of filtration pads/cartridges as necessary

  • 10-20% water change removing excess food/waste from aquarium

Depending on the aquarium’s size and individual requirements, an average service visit takes approximately 1-2 hours with one service technician.  Specific dates and times during each month can be arranged for the client’s convenience.  As many of our regular maintenance clients have expressed, the time saved and peace of mind that comes with professional fish tank maintenance is priceless.  


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