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Membership Perks

As a member of the New Wave Aquaria Family you have access to the following deals and discounts!

5% to 10% CORAL CASH on all FOOD

3% to 5% CORAL CASH on all SALT


5% to 10% CORAL CASH on all maintenance supplies

Fish of the Month

Bangaii Cardinal

Buy 1 Get 1 Half Off

Bangaii Cardinals are a hardy peaceful community fish that can be kept in pairs. A great addition to any tank these fish are striking in color and personality!

Temperament :

Compatibility :

Diet :

 Size :

Peaceful, hardy

Reef Safe

Not picky, will eat anything you put in your tank


Coral of the Month


Spend $25 and get $5 in coral cash back

Zoanthid corals are one of the most popular coral because of the many colors they come in. They are hardy and will grow well in most reef tanks, which makes them a great soft coral for beginners.

Aggressive but can touch other zoas and palys

Low to Medium


Anywhere in the tank

Temperament :

Lighting :

Flow :

Placement :

Invertabrate of the Month

Halloween Hermit Crab

$10 each

Known to efficiently eat algae including Green Hair Algae and Cyanobacteria. A real standout member of your cleanup crew!

Temperament :

Compatibility :

Diet :

Size :


Reef Safe

Omnivore, will eat anything