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Weekly Specials 🐠 June 5 – 11

  • Hanna pH Checker Plus


The HI98100 Checker Plus pH testing unit has had a couple extra features added to the original model that everyone has grown to love while still retaining the same look and feel. With automatic calibration recognition, stability indicator, battery indicator, and auto-shut off the HI98100 are built to last a lifetime.

Single Button Operation – A single, large button will give you readings within seconds saving you valuable time.


Large LCD Readout – The large LCD screen makes reading measurements easier than ever with no guessing.


Automatic Calibration – The Checker Plus is calibrated automatically to one or two points. The calibration buffers are automatically recognized and after calibration, the buffer values used are shown on the display as a tag.


Stability Indicator – The hour glass icon will indicate when a stable reading has been reached. Once the indicator disappears from the screen a stable reading has been reached and can then be recorded.


Automatic Shut-Off – The meter can be set to automatically turn off after 8 minutes or 60 minutes to conserve battery life in the event that the meter is left on. The auto-off feature can be disabled.

Battery Life – The super long battery life will on average last close to 1000 hours. When the battery is running low and low battery indicator will illuminate on the LCD display. The battery is easily replaced on the back side of the checker.

Price: $41

  • Hikari Jumbo Bloodworms


    • Free of harmful bacteria and parasites
    • Bio-Encapsulated With Multi-Vitamins
    • Retains natural color, shape and nutritional benefits.


Feed no more than your fish will eat within a few minutes two times per day. Avoid over-feeding as it can cause water quality problems.

Price: $3.49

  • Frozen Gammarus Shrimp(Amphipods)


Free From Harmful Parasites, Unwanted Bacteria & Foul Odor

Extremely Flavorful Treat

Contains Microscopic Plant & Animal Matter

A Natural Source of Calcium

Price: $3.99

  • Two Little Fishies Red Seaweed 12g and 30g

(Palmaria palmata)

Super nutritious natural Red Seaweed. Ideal for marine herbivores such as Tangs and Surgeonfish, Moorish Idols, Parrotfish, Angelfish, large Butterflyfish, and herbivorous freshwater fishes, such as Cichlids and Goldfish.

Available in foil packaging in two sizes: 30g (1 oz) and 12g (0.4 oz)

Price: $4.99 and $7.99

  • Two Little Fishies Mixed Sea Veggies 30 g



Sea Veggies flakes contain only seaweed, no fillers, making them a great natural choice to provide the nutrition your fish need to remain healthy, colorful, grow, and reproduce.


Intended for herbivores, such as:

  • Tangs and Surgeonfish
  • Angelfish
  • Moorish Idols
  • Parrotfish
  • Large Butterflyfish
  • Cichlids and Goldfish

Price: $7.65

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