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Home & Commercial Fish Tank Maintenance In Minneapolis From New Wave Aquaria™

Aquariums big and small make wonderful additions to a home or business. Beautiful, relaxing, fascinating… it’s hard to deny the lure of a well-design and well-placed aquarium. The catch? Aquariums require a lot of maintenance to keep in tip-top shape. Whether you lack the knowledge to maintain an aquarium, don’t want to invest in the equipment, or you simply don’t have the time needed to devote to it, New Wave Aquaria™ has freshwater and saltwater aquarium maintenance packages to fit your busy schedule and budget.

Our fish tank maintenance professionals have more than 15 years of experience meticulously maintaining aquariums of all sizes through Minnesota. Whether you have a two gallon tank at home for personal enjoyment, or a massive 2,000 gallon tank in your hospital’s waiting room, there’s no getting around the maintenance that must be performed on a regular basis for a beautiful, healthy tank.

How Often Do I Need Aquarium Maintenance?

Part of your fish tank maintenance requirements will depend on the type of tank you have – freshwater, saltwater or reef – and the number and variety of fish and inhabitants you have. Part of our aquarium design and aquarium installation services includes creating your custom fish plan, and during this planning phase we will educate you about your particular tank’s maintenance needs.

In general, most tanks require bi-weekly or monthly maintenance in addition to the day-to-day needs of your inhabitants.

What Does An Aquarium Maintenance Visit Include?

Our fish tank maintenance visits average between 30-90 minutes, depending on the size of the tank. During this time, we always allot time for the owner to ask any questions or address concerns they have.

All aquarium maintenance visits include the following:

  • Water change
  • Clean tank and scrape algae
  • Visual inspection of inhabitants
  • Visual inspection of equipment

From there, we offer additional services from fish meal plans to light bulb replacements – all to make your life easier and keep your tank looking its best. With plans starting as low as $89 per visit, many aquarium owners find that the time saved and peace of mind that comes with professional fish tank maintenance is well worth the price.

Maintenance Plans To Fit Your Needs & Budget

We understand that there are certain aspects of aquarium maintenance that a home or business owner can manage on their own, while other more tedious or technical aspects might require the help of a professional. That’s why we have three fish tank maintenance packages to choose from to allow you to be as hands-on (or hands-off!) as you want.

Multiple Tanks Or Multiple Locations

Got a lot of tanks to take care of? Give us a call so that we can give you a special rate on a Custom Maintenance plan.

We can maintain your existing aquarium as well as any tank that is designed and installed by New Wave Aquaria™. Visit the rest of our site to learn more about our aquarium design services and aquarium installation. In Minneapolis, call 763-710-9386 to discuss your aquarium maintenance needs or to get a quote for Custom Maintenance.


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