Servicing over 300 aquariums throughout Central MN!

Address: 14100 23rd Ave N,

Minneapolis, MN 55447

Phone: (763) 710-9386

Highest quality, hand picked fish and corals from the industries leading suppliers. 

Over 25 years of experience in the aquarium hobby and aquarium maintenance industry.

Hours: Sunday 12-5PM

Monday Closed

Tuesday Closed

Wednesday 12-7PM

Thursday 12-7PM

Friday 12-7PM

Saturday 12-7PM


LRS Premium Seaweed Sheet

  • 100% pure seaweed harvested from certified organic water, free from pollutants. A nutrient rich supplement, which provides optimal nutrition for your herbivorous fish. The perfect supplement to LRS Frenzy Foods.

  • Feed an 1/8 of sheet per herbivore fish every day. Remove the uneaten portion at end of day.

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