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Tropic Marin Aquarium Salt

Tropic Marin™ Aquarium Salt and Products Now Available Exclusively At New Wave Aquaria™!

Tropic Marin™ and why we brought it on.

For years we have been using different types of salt to keep our maintenance clients Bio-Actif Tropic Marin Pro Reef Sea Saltaquariums as well as our own systems.  With each change we first used the salt in house on our own systems, with many types we were happy but there was always something left to be desired.  After numerous hours of research we decided to attempt to go a new direction and follow the big guys.  We sought out the biggest and best online retailer and followed their direction in using salt.  After a few months we began to realize that the new salt was full of inconsistencies and was pretty dirty, but it was cheap and the other guys used it so i must be good enough.  Well that all came to an end when we began researching some of the issues we had always had with very specific types of corals and after reading some of the independent test results from labs we found out that the salt we had been using for years had trace elements of heavy metals, even though the salt company said otherwise.


Tropic Marin Pro Reef Sea SaltTropic Marin is a staple for salt in Europe and for high end users in the US.  The salt is one of the purest and most consistent in all levels like Alkalinity, Calcium, Magnesium and in lack of Phosphate.  Laboratories and breeding facilities all around the world rely on this stability in the salt that they use, and only trust Tropic Marin.  We have a few clients that have also relied on Tropic Marin salt for their own prized aquariums but have found it difficult acquiring the salt as the distribution has not quite made it to the upper Midwest.  That has changed!  New Wave Aquaria has worked out a deal direct with Tropic Marin-USA and we have worked out special pricing to bring it to Minnesota and keep the MAP pricing.  We have been working for over 2 years to get this awesome salt to our state and finally have it in stock.

In Store Specials:

200 Gallon pails Classic Salt Tropic Marin

200 Gallon pails Pro Reef Salt Tropic Marin

200 Gallon pails Bio Actif Salt Tropic Marin


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