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New Wave Aquaria Weekly Specials

New Wave Aquaria Weekly Specials

🐠 July 17-23 🐠


See what NEW Foods are available at New Wave aquaria!

Every week, we’ll dive into the details of new product lines you can find at the store for both fresh and saltwater aquaria.

We offer competitive prices!

Hikari Frozen Food:

  • Daphnia



A Highly Nutritious Water Flea That Helps Purge The Digestive System. Great For Fry, Small Mouthed Fish And Following Medicating.

Price: $4.99



  • Tubifex


An excellent diet for all smaller freshwater fish

Price: $4.99



  • Oceanic Plankton


Excellent Supplemental Diet For Fishes, Inverts & Any Others Requiring High Protein Or Lipid Levels.

Price: $5.99



  • Jumbo Mysis Shrimp

An Excellent Choice For Most Freshwater & Marine Fishes Especially Seahorses & Naturally Offering Higher Fatty Acid Levels.

Price: $7.99



  • Discus Food

Revolutionary Formulation Food For All Types Of Discus.

Developed to offer a wide variety of Protein Sources while providing balanced nutrition to duplicate a beef heart meal.

Shrimp and Spirulina are included to provide excellent color enhancing capacity and natural flavor. Bloodworms mixed with the formulated stick speeds acceptance.

Price: $4.99


NEW Hikari Dry Foods:

Prices differ based on size. 

NEW Ocean Nutrition Dry Foods:


New Life Spectrum Dry Foods:

New Tetra Dry Foods:




Don’t miss our next event at New Wave Aquaria!

We will send out an invite later this week to RSVP and receive $5 coral cash!




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