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Looking for the best coral?

Check out our WYSIWYG online store.  Tired of seeing “representative” images only to be disappointed in what arrives?  The coral you buys is always the coral you receive.

New Wave Aquaria
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What We Do

Experience what you have been missing by joining the growing list of clients enjoying a hands free aquarium maintained by New Wave Aquaria Inc. All the enjoyment and relaxing qualities of nature underwater in your home or office worry free. Find out what we are all about. Feel free to contact us for more information regarding products, price quotes and/or general questions. Put your aquarium in the hands of the experts.

Looking for the best fish and coral? Our husbandry skills are out of this world, besides keeping new fish and corals in quarantine for a minimum of one week, treating and dipping anything that looks suspicious and making sure everything is eating and healthy we feed with some of the top of the line frozen foods on the market!



If you need help deciding on what type or where to put your new relaxing aquarium, we can help.  With a free consultation we can work with you or your contractors to design and impliment a fantastic oasis for your enjoyment.


Dont want to do the dirty work?  We do!  Its our passion and we take pride in installing the best aquarium possable for your home or office.


Tired of carrying water?  We are too… Just kidding we love it.  We can come to your home, scrape the glass, check your fish, re-decorate and test the water chemistry.  Call or send us an email to find out more.

The Retail Location

New Wave Aquaria is Minnesota’s premiere saltwater aquarium store, fully equiped with all the livestock you could want, more equipment than you can shake a stick at and if there is something we dont have we will work with our extensave network of vendors to find exactly what you are looking for.

Questions About How We Can Help You?

We offer many services including aquarium maintenance and a retail store, either way we can get you on the right track to a beautiful aquarium.


Here are a few of our videos that we have done on various how to’s and live goods.

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Contact us for quotes on aquariums, design, installs, live goods and maintenance.  Heck let us know if you just want to chat about something new coming out or if you have questions about fish or corals.

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